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The difference between Vintage Port and LBV

September 2015, Douro Valley, Portugal, Quevedo winery, 15 participants shared some very good Ports from different producers from different Vintages. The theme of the tasting was to check out how will Vintage Port wine develop in comparison to Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) from the same harvest year. Oscar Quevedo summarize in this video the main difference between these two styles of Port wine.

available since June 14, 2016

Niepoort - Quinta de Napoles, Famous Quintas of the Douro #4

Niepoorts wine centre in the Douro region is their famous Quinta de Napoles. We met Dirk Niepoort there and asked him some questions about the terroir, his fantastic winery and the history of this Quinta.

available since February 3, 2016

Taylor´s Quinta de Vargellas - Famous Port Wine Quintas #3

Vargellas is one of the most famous estates in the Douro wine region. For more then 100 years it is the backbone of Taylor´s Vintage Port. The video summarise the most important facts of the vineyards, explained by the chief winemaker David Guimaraens and beautiful views of this extraordinary Quinta.

available since December 6, 2014

Quinta do Vesuvio - Famous Port Wine Quintas #2

Episode # 2 - Quinta do Vesuvio - interview with Dominic Symington Vesuvio is one of the most stunning vineyards in the whole Douro, with more than 400 hectares, an own chapel and railway station and fantastic Vintage Port wines. Since 1989 the Symington Family producers in all, apart from the poorest, years a top class Vintage Port from this single property.

available since October 7, 2014

Famous Port Wine Quintas of the Douro - #1 Vale Meao

The Quinta do Vale Meao, which is almost for 20 years in the possession of the family Olazabal, is one of the most famous Quintas in the Douro due to several factors. The vineyards in the Douro Superior near the village of Poccinho (now end of the railway line) were applied relatively late in the late 19th century. Transforming the former wasteland into valuable vineyards, must have been a grueling amount of work without modern technology, the work done by 800 workers. Vale Meao (back then written with double -L) was founded by the famous Dona Antonia Adelaide Ferreira and delivered their grapes for Port brand Ferreira. From the 50s from this vineyard produces one of the today's most famous ( and most expensive) Portuguese red wine Barca Velha. Since Francisco ("Vito") with his two children (Francisco "Xito" - winemaker and Luisa - Marketing) took over the estate in the mid nineties , the Barca Velha is obtained from other vineyards. But the top red wine of Xito "Quinta do Vale Meao" is just a high-caliber and was shortly after a few years one of the most sought Douro wines. But the Vintage Ports also show depth, complexity and structure and should be in every wine cellar. That the Olazabals still continue to develop their project, testifies, among other things an imposing, modern building of the winery, which has been realized in recent years. But listen to what the sympathetic, renowned and innovative gentleman of the Douro tells us about his gorgeous life's work.

available since June 5, 2014

Ageing potential of Vintage Port - Masterclass mit Dominic Symington und Graham 1970-2011

It is certain that Vintage Port is one of the longest-lived wines in the world. Even if one can Vintage Port drink young and a few vintage wines have been made in recent years also for early consumption , I am still of the firm belief that a great Vintage Port must age well and the best wineries invest all about for wines who develop over several decades. Dominic Symington, managing director and winemaker at the Symington Family Estates looks very similar to this fact. With six other family members into the 13th generation he heads the largest family- owned Portuguese wine producers, who include the brands of Dow , Warre and Graham. In February 2014 he presented in Leverkusen Graham's Vintage Port from five different decades as part of a Master Class for over 30 journalists, sommeliers and wine merchants.

available since May 20, 2014

Harvest report 2013 by Luisa Borges

Harvest report about Douro wine region for the year 2013 by Luisa Borges, enoligst from Vieira de Sousa (Soc. Roncao Pequeno). She talks about the weather conditions, the growing season and of course about the quality of the grapes and the probability of a appearing of Vintage Port.

available since April 10, 2014


O-Port-unidade is a unique port project by Axel Probst from World of Port. He organised that more than 20 major Port wine producers came together. Each of them delivered at 22nd September 2013 750kg grapes and one VIP from each house went into a lagar to do foot treading personal. The result will be a special Port wine from very good quality who´s benefit after releasing will be donated to the charity organisation of Bagos d`Ouro, who takes care of disadvanteged kids in the Douro region. This official video shows scenes of the making of this Port, short interviews with Dirk Niepoort, Geroge Sandeman and Joao Nicolau de Almeida, and of course the foot treading with Port personalities you have never seen before in a lagar!

available since January 23, 2014

Visit of Porto Krohn - Port wine Lodge and Cellar in Villa Nova de Gaia

Krohn is one of the few independent Port Shippers with history since 1865. They have a worth seeing Lodge in Villa Nova de Gaia with very old Port casks. Iolanda Falcao Carneiro who runs the company with her brother Jose in third generation gives some information about the history of this traditional producer and their speciality - Colheita Ports.

available since May 5, 2013

Port styles 20 year Tawny and Vintage Portwine 1991 & 1992 in comparison at fair Nov 2012

This video summarizes the 20 Years of Port fair in Leverkusen (Germany) from November 2012. At this fair the Port producers showed their 20 Year Tawnies plus a Vintage Port of the same age (1991 or 1992, or both if declared). The video also includes an interview with winemaker David Guimaraens and the Port expert Axel Probst and a tasting notice of a 20y Tawny (SANDEMAN) and Warre Vintage Port 1991.

available since February 24, 2013

Harvest report Portugal 2012 - David Guimaraens about vintage for Port wine at Douro

David Guimaraens, Chief Winemaker of Fladgate Partnership, is responsible for the Ports of Croft, Fonseca and Taylor. He talks about the growing season 2012 in the Douro and about the quality of the harvested grapes.

available since December 28, 2012

Ramos Pinto Portwine tasting 1880-2007 incl. interview with Mr. Nicolau de Almeida

Video from the great Ramos Pinto Portwine vertical tasting with wines from three centuries. The tasting took place in October 2012 in Leverkusen, Germany. 16 participants including the winemaker of Ramos Pinto, Mr. Joao Nicolau de Almeida taste more then 20 Vintage Ports, f.e. the VP 1880. 1924, 1935, 1945, 1970. Passion Port also interviewed Mr. Nicolau de Almeida, he is one of the most famous portugese winemakers, asking him questions about winemaking, his favorite Ports and about his achievement for portugese enology. The video has also German subtitles.

available since November 25, 2012

How to pronounce Port and portugese wine terms - with Oscar Quevedo

Passion Port and Oscar Quevedo (from Quevedo wines from Douro) present three lessons about Port wine and portugese wine words - fundamental terms from portugese wine regions, grape varieties and Port terms and styles. With german subtitles.

available since August 26, 2012

short video from the Essencia do Vinho 2012 in Porto

This is a short video from about one of the most beautiful wine fairs in the world which took place in the awesome Palacio do Bolsa in Porto in February 2012. In addition to our report in the REPORTS section, here you have a bit of picture material from this magnificient city in the north of Portugal.

available since April 1, 2012

Interview with Dirk Niepoort about the Vintage Port of 1970

Passion Portwein talked woth Dirk Niepoort about the Vintage Port of 1970. The sympathic wine grower and head of the family company (active in the Port business since 1842) talks about the potential of Vintage Ports and describes that the phenomenon of ports getting better when aged for several years as accepted. Most importantly, he describes the quality of the excellent Vintage Port of 1970, the last vintage bottled in the iconic belly bottle. The video was created in combination with the 70s VP horizontal tasting in December 2011.

available since December 23, 2011

Decant a Port wine

Passion Portwine ( presents this short video to you. It illustrates how to decant a Vintage Port to reach its full potential of this classic piece of international wine - from the necessary utilities to a detailed manual. We decant a Dow's from 1994.

available since December 8, 2011