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Welcome to Passion-Port.de, a video and wineblog about Port, Madeira wines and other fascinating portugese wines

Visit us on Facebook The enjoymentand interest of the fascinating wines from Portugal is our passion. We are working together with WorldofPort.de and will soon connecting our websites. At our websites can be found general information, background information, upcoming tastings (wine tastings, tastings) and current reports on Portwine, Madeira and other premium Portuguese wines. Our extensive photo and video section allows a comprehensive view of the vineyards and wineries in Portugal and pictures from wine tastings and rare bottles of wine.

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Latest Updates
Dec 6, 2014: Taylor´s Quinta de Vargellas - Famous Port Wine Quintas #3
Vargellas is one of the most famous estates in the Douro wine region. For more then 100 years it is ... [ view ]
Oct 7, 2014: Quinta do Vesuvio - Famous Port Wine Quintas #2
Episode # 2 - Quinta do Vesuvio - interview with Dominic Symington Vesuvio is one of the most stu... [ view ]
read full reportDec 17, 2014: The beauty and the beast - Vintage Port 1983 tasting
Sometimes one has a special relationship with vintages. For me this is 1983, the year of my birth. N... [ read ]
read full reportOct 13, 2014: Rain during the harvest destroyed the perfection - Harvest Report Douro 2014
When I came into the Douro on 23rd September, the majority of the grapes was fortunately already pic... [ read ]

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